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Alexis mGraph from Alexis Networks is used to build, run, and maintain reliable manufacturing machines, the condition of their components has to be continuously monitored. When following a fine-grained monitoring of these machines, challenges emerge pertaining to the: 
(1) feeding procedure of large amounts of sensor data to downstream processing components and the;
(2) meaningful analysis of the produced data. 

Alexis mGraph has been used for two analyses of real-world datasets that were generated in production settings: 

(1) to detect sensor data anomalies for further analyses of a pharma packaging scenario and;

(2) to predict unfavorable temperature values of a 3D printing machine environment.

Based on the results of the analyses, Alexis mGraph has shown that a proper management of machines and their components in industrial manufacturing environments can be efficiently supported by the detection of anomalies. This also helps to support the technical evangelists of the production companies more properly. 



Alexis Lens is a tool that assists non-technical employees with minimal data management, calibrating parameters and determining the optimal ensemble of neural networks for tackling specific business problem, identifying Anomalies with a Platform for Visualizing Anomalies and API for Integration. 

Alexis Human Behavior Anomaly Detection

With Human Behavior Anomaly Detection - you can upload a video of up to 100mb and Alexis Lens will provide insights about human behavior anomalies. 

Download these sample videos to try it out:
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Alexis Healthcare Claims Fraud Anomaly Detection

With Healthcare Claims Fraud Anomaly Detection - you can learn about some of the common Frauds that occur in healthcare claims. 
  • Patent Pending hGraph technology 
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Powered by patent pending Alexis hGraph


Forrester Research: Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Fraud Management

Download this report to learn how advances in AI are reshaping the fraud management landscape. In the report, you’ll learn about key fraud management use cases where AI can help.

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Customer Testimonial

"The collection, processing, and analysis of two real-world data sets from Industry 4.0 scenarios were shown. The first use case focused on sensor data of a pharma packaging machine, for which the data set of the product loader component was analyzed to detect anomalies using Alexis mGraph. Furthermore, Alexis mGraph showed the analysis and prediction of temperature values relying on standard IoT approach.", a leading Pharma Mechanical Engineering Company. 


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