Six Sigma AI: Building Guardrails Against Overconfidence

As AI becomes ubiquitous, more and more high-stakes decisions will be made automatically by machine learning models. AI can determine the very future of your business and can make life-or-death decisions for real people.

But as the world changes, an AI system is often faced with new examples that it hasn’t seen before, and it may not know the right answer. Without proper guardrails, these automated decisions can quickly turn into catastrophic failures if left unchecked and can reduce trust in AI. As the stakes get higher, it is critical that AI systems are built to be humble — just like humans, AI should know when it doesn’t know the right answer.

With ALEXIS' Sig Sigma AI, models that aren’t confident in their predictions can respond accordingly, whether that means defaulting to a “safe” decision, alerting an administrator for human review, or not making a prediction at all. 

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About Us

Alexis Networks, Inc. is a B2B subscription based software product company - maker of the World's First One Click Anomaly Detection Solution using proprietary AI and ML technologies. Alexis Networks has pioneered Anomaly Detection by finding Fraud, Omissions and Errors in streaming data from operational data sources for companies at every scale. 

Alexis Networks Anomaly Detection Solution is adding 5% annual revenue to customer's coffers and showing ROI in less than 4 weeks. Where other solutions are taking months and expensive labor investments, Alexis Networks solution is 80% more economical than the competitors. 

Alexis Networks is also a Technology Partner of AWS and is helping customers of Alexis Networks save on AWS just with no obligation pilots of Alexis Networks Anomaly Detection solution.

Anomaly Detection Platform

Alexis Networks launched an innovative AI As A Service platform to enable customers to "bring your own data" and find anomalies in data and improve predictive intelligence at the speed of business. 

Predictive Intelligence

Alexis Networks solution Kettle enables Data Scientists to customize the output of Alexis GraphX and Alexis Kluster to produce Machine Learning models that can be customized by engineers for better six sigma quality controls.